How to Roll a Mummy Sleeping Bag?

How to Roll a Mummy Sleeping Bag
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First, don’t let the name scare you! Mummy sleeping bag is called this because it resembles a sarcophagus.

A mummy sleeping bag is bulging at the top, and it gradually tapers down towards the other end. It is designed so that it can provide you with maximum comfort and warmth. Because of its bulky insulation, it may pose quite a problem to roll it up and pack it up again once you’re done using it.

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Before we get to the actual art of rolling a mummy sleeping bag, you should read the owner’s manual to learn how to store your sleeping bag.

Sometimes a sleeping bag has its storage bag, and we recommend using it.

Should You Roll It at All?

Always keep in mind the insulation in your sleeping bag can be damaged with frequent rolling and unrolling. If you need to save some space in your place obviously you can roll it up.  However, it is best to avoid this as much as possible. If your sleeping bag doesn’t have its storage sack, you can always store it in a cotton pillowcase, or it is best to let it hang in the closet.

insulation in your sleeping bag

Check for Straps First

Some sleeping bags do come with straps which make it somewhat easy to hold the bag in shape once it’s rolled. Usually, the bag straps’ location is near the head of the bag. Before starting the process of rolling up, make sure you don’t leave any objects in the sleeping bag. Pajamas and shirts often get forgotten in there. When you are finished inspecting the bag, zip up the bag, and you can start rolling. It is important because it’s quite hard to roll up the unzipped bag causing it to be uneven.

Let’s Roll

Rolling a mummy sleeping bag properly requires a flat surface. Of course, you can’t always find a flat surface in the wild, but you can still use the ground tarp on the floor of your tent. Before rolling up, make sure that you have pushed any large air pockets out of the bag. Any large air can also make the bag roll up in an uneven manner.

Fold It Up Nicely

The next step is to fold the bag in half lengthwise. You will do that by folding over from one side so that it lines up with the zipper. The edges don’t have to be aligned with each other perfectly, but you should try and get them as close as possible.

Rolling a mummy sleeping bag

The Most Important Part

Once you’ve lined its edges, you can start rolling the mummy sleeping bag upwards from your feet. Use the force and knead the bag in with your knees to push out any remaining air pockets and to make sure the bag rolled up firmly. Sitting on the bag with your knees will make it easier for you to roll the bag tight. It is important to note that all air pockets get pushed out, so the bag does not leave any air inside. The last step is to roll up the remaining 2-3 inches just with your fingers to firm up the tightness of the bag.

Use the Straps

As mentioned earlier, the straps come in handy. Most sleeping bags that are designed to be rolled up have these, so you shouldn’t worry about it. The strap can cinch your bag after it is rolled up. Once you tighten them, they keep the bag firmly rolled up. There are usually two straps, so make sure you position them approximately 1/3 of the ways from both edges of your rolled-up sleeping bag. In case your sleeping bag doesn’t have any straps, you can always improvise by using a belt or a rope. Sometimes the storage bag that came with your sleeping bag will keep it tight enough so that you can still save some space.

Keep It Dry

Once your mummy sleeping bag rolled up tightly, you need to make sure that it is stored in a dry place. If the sleeping bag is not stored correctly,  it can lead up to mold due to wetness in the bag, which may result in throwing away the bag and you may not be able to use your sleeping bag for your next camping trip. It also can be potentially dangerous to sleep in the wet sleeping bag without checking it before your next trip because your body temperature will drop fast when you sleep in a damp sleeping bag.


As you can see, rolling a mummy sleeping bag is not complicated. There are a few critical guidelines which you need to follow, but it’s relatively simple. Be patient, even if you don’t get it right the first time, you will be able to get the perfect rolled up sleeping bag. It takes a little practice, but you’ll get it real fast.

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