How to Increase Sleeping Bag Warmth

How to Increase Sleeping Bag Warmth
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You can’t be a happy camper unless your sleeping bag provides you with enough warmth.

Even if your sleeping bag is not ideal for winter, there are a couple of things you can do to make it warmer. How exactly do you increase sleeping bag warmth? Read on to discover the best ways to keep your sleeping bag warm during those long winter nights in the wild.

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Wash Your Bag

Sometimes the solution to this problem is rather easy. Your sleeping bag might just be too much on the well-used side, and it needs to be washed. Over time, the filling in your bag gets too clumped together from the oils from your skin and the overall moisture it collects. Once you wash it, the filling will expand again. When this happens, it can puff up and keep the warmth your body radiates when you sleep in the bag. Before washing the sleeping bag, make sure you put it in a cotton pillowcase so that the outer material does not get damaged. Set your washing machine to warm and a gentle washing mode. After it’s washed, put it in a tumble dryer along with a few tennis balls so that the filling gets broken up more evenly. If you don’t have a dryer, just put it on the clothesline in the sun. Use a tennis racket to beat it every hour to break up the filling inside.

washing the sleeping bag

Line It Up

If your sleeping bag is not old and dirty, then maybe you can consider purchasing a liner, which will provide you with precious warmth during the winter. Thermal liners are basically the same as thermal underwear, but they are designed to be used in sleeping bags. Nowadays, you can choose from a vast array of different liners, but it’s probably best if you stick with those made from cotton and silk. Not only these liners provide you with the much-needed warmth but also be very comfortable. The great thing about thermal liners is that besides increasing sleeping bag warmth, they save you money, as you don’t need to buy a whole new sleeping bag.

Wear Your Warmth

While you’re thinking about potentially cashing out for a thermal liner, why don’t you consider thermal clothing as well? Right thermal underwear is one big, cozy, and warm set of pajamas. These are effective in trapping all your body heat and keeping you warm in extremely cold conditions. A tip: it’s best to put thermal underwear on an hour or so before going to sleep. In cases of icy temperatures, you might want to try out combining thermal underwear with thermal liners but be careful: Covering yourself in too many layers may feel a little too cramped inside the sleeping bag. You shouldn’t sacrifice comfort.

Socks and a Beanie

Did you know that you lose the most heat through your head? Well, now that you do, here’s what you can do. It may not seem like a very comfortable solution but sleeping with a beanie on your head may be very helpful in trapping more warmth. Once you fall asleep, your body takes away the blood from your extremities and sends it to your vital organs. Put on a warm pair of socks when you fall asleep. Socks will make the blood flow better and keep you warmer.

stay warm in your sleeping bag

Eat Up

While this solution may not be related to your sleeping bag directly, it surely is one of the best and most delicious ways of increasing sleeping bag warmth. It’s relatively simple. All the food you consume is digested when your body uses your energy and create heat in return. Aiming for food that has rich in carbohydrates is the best way to stay warm in your camping sleeping bag. If this doesn’t cut it for you, have an energy bar to keep your inner furnace running all night.

Hot Water

Another old trick to increase sleeping bag warmth is to take a Lexan bottle or two and fill it with hot water. Once you fit snugly in your sleeping bag, just put the bottles between your legs.The bottles filled with hot water will keep the blood in your femoral artery warm, and this will improve the overall feeling of warmth in your body.

Padding the Ground

Possibly the least affordable solution to your problem lies in purchasing an inflatable camping air mattress. It could improve your comfort and prevent the cold from seeping up from the ground. It could be especially useful if you’re camping on rough terrain.


Hopefully, one of the methods will work for you to increase sleeping bag warmth. Don’t always go for the most expensive solution; sometimes the simplest and cheapest one will do the trick. Experiment and have fun!

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